Sweden Snus Versus American Snus- What Is The Difference?

The Snus in the United States is not the same as snus of Sweden. The nicotine absorbed by your body is lower when you consume American snus. What is snus? Have you ever thought of a better solution to get rid of the cigarette you smoke every day? Then snus is the thing that you want. It is moist powder tobacco that you place under your lip in your mouth. After you put this in your mouth, it will keep on dissolving in your mouth till the next 30 minutes.

American Snus

American snus can be considered as the modern design of traditional products. The main difference between Sweden and American snus is that the portions that one gets in American snus pouches are smaller. Being smaller portions involved in its packing, the user, when consumes American snus, is consuming less amount of nicotine.

American snus is advertised to be spitless tobacco, which means you need not require to spit it when you are done with its effect in your mouth. But it is observed that it creates some gastric distress and heartburn problem when you swallow this snus.

It is much sweeter than Sweden snus, as the Sweden snus more focuses on tobacco flavor, and the American snus focuses on hiding the flavor of tobacco with its sweetness.

Sweden snus

When you are a tobacco lover and are mad for tobacco flavor beneath your lip, you should directly choose Sweden snus. Famous for its best tobacco flavor, minimal is the brands in Sweden that provide you with the mint flavor of the snus. It is found loose and portioned in small pouches, and tobacco is the best prevalent product in snus.

Sweden snus is famous for its high level of nicotine in it; you can quickly found brands